Monday, 1 August 2011

Movement for Change round table :: Is it capoeira a tool for transformation still?

The roundtable was composed by many teachers and researchers, from the left to the right: M. Carlão, M. Ponciano, Prof. PhD Rosana Martins, BIDNA Project board team Prof. Tarek, Prof. Toca Feliciano, Instrutor Miguel, Mestrando Madeira and Prof. Pedro Campolina.

The major issues and interest were directed towards the topic: "Capoeira as a tool for social change".
From that point, many questions arose and were answered by teachers and researchers who joined the table.

At the end of the round table, many left with some questions answered. But, others left with much more questions than when they arrived. This was the intent. To instigate, to encourage the spirit of restlessness which is natural state of humans in particular in the capoeiristas.
Thus, the next time perhaps we will be more curious and restless, so we can get more answers and much more questions.

Above and bellow, M. Gato and Mestre João Grande also participating to the discussions.

Bellow, Tarek Alsaleh talks about BIDNA and it work with capoeira in Middle East. How and why it's been affecting children lifes.

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